We are very proud that these great professional
musicians use and endorse our mouthpieces:

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"The soprano plays really well - I think with a Hemke reed it will be even better. The clarinet piece is beautiful - that is a beautiful mouthpiece you made. Thank you for all your help - I appreciate your technical ability and you're a nice guy too. Take care."
~Mark Sheedy
"Hey, Mike. I just want to thank you again for the fantastic job you did with the mouthpieces. That bass sounds boomin' in orchestra now, and I can hit the high "A" on Eb for piece we were reading for clarinet choir. Thanks a bunch, man!"
~David Myer
College Student

"Thanks so much, I really like my new mouthpiece "
~Ann Beasley

"Mike, survived cruise, made it home and mouthpiece arrived about an hour ago. On Tuesday, election day, I am writing your name in for president. What a difference! I noticed immediately a deeper, richer sound in the low register, and I can now stand the way I sound in the upper register. "
~Sam Bonanno
St. Augustine, Florida
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